Thursday, July 9, 2009

7.3.09: The Good Foot - Augusta, GA

Fourth of July weekend, a bunch of us from Atlanta (and Texas, etc) headed over to Augusta, GA to rock it on the streets for a 1-on-1 next to the James Brown Memorial statue. It was fun and we drew a large crowd, but not without opposition. First, we were forced to move by the cops (a bit more complicated than that), some other random people threatened to shut us down, demanding to see our permit (which we did have), then we had to stop everything at 10pm (I guess I can't blame them for that one...). Overall though, it was fun and a welcomed change in scenery.

So, I actually have more photos of bboys having fun and celebrating the 4th post dancing than I do of the event. Thanks to Sonic for hooking us up with places to sleep and hang out. The chili-cheese brats were amazing. The cheese/meat chip dip was mouth-watering. The burgers hit the spot. And to top it all off, he rented a blowup waterslide to add to the festivities.

Oh, and to top it all off, Deecent (sole power) was toprocking in the fire. (See below)

Happy belated 4th, all.


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