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Most of you who would be reading this would meet me or know me as Cadence, but people also know me as Tammy. Cadence is my middle name, and became very fitting when I began dancing.

I've been an artist my entire life, and knew that no matter where I ended up, I would have my hands in something artistic. That being said, I pay the bills as a graphic designer, but I also draw, paint, do photography, and the list goes on.

I began learning the technicalities of photography late in 2008, when I finally gave in and dropped the money to get a DLSR. I had always been into photography [shooting, composing, editing], but I hadn't learned the real pieces to it. Finally having a camera that would unleash possibilities inspired me to shoot at the jams and competitions I already attended. This was the birth of Eye of the Cypher.

Slowly but steadily I learned and improved, and I've been so blessed to be where I am now with this: Eye of the Cypher has given me so much room to grow and experiment with the art of photography. I've been able to find a voice and learn how to communicate through the medium. On a different hand, I've met so many awesome people through this venture, and am so grateful for that.

It's all the people who have given me encouraging words, grabbed my photos for their facebook profile, or asked me if I would be at certain jams that push me forward with this project. I couldn't be more grateful to you all, so thank you!!! There are so many exciting things I'm trying to do with EotC now, including my Bboy YRBK project [more on that later], tshirts / randomness, and potentially a jam or two. Keep up here for updates :]!


PS. For those of you who don't know, YES, I'm a bgirl too. I'm not at jams just to shoot!

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