Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1.22.10: Rock or Flock (for Haiti)

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This was a quickly thrown together cypher jam, pulled together by Zapper (HBO crew) to raise some money for Haiti in light of the recent disasters. Held at the Atl Bench, DJed by AlphaTrion, and even drummed by Skit and Fathom (wasn't there in time to get shots of Skit on the drums... next time?), it was good times all around.

Don't get mad to see that I didn't cover the cypher battles, but rather one random cypher battle. Fun stuff, though, and I had fun playing w/ the lighting for these shots. Wish I could shoot more like these with out having to fear for the my flash's life.


1.16.10: Waba's Final Jam

Sometimes, you're just not feeling it.
This day was one of them. I still shot a handful (a larger handful than I had thought), but even the ones that turned out somewhat ok were fairly disappointing. Could be due to some frustrations at the event that just killed it for me photographywise as well... like the moisture from the rain that made the entire floor so slick that you couldn't dance, but whatever it was, I just couldn't shoot that day. I won't go into the rest of the disappointing details...

Anyway, I figured I'd post some for those of you who were hoping to see some shots from that afternoon. Then I can bury this and move on.

Congrats to Battle Instincts for winning, despite the constant slippage on the lino. They took the three prize swords.

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