Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3.18 - 19 Bashville Stampede 7 [Nashville, TN] [PART 2]


Monday, March 21, 2011

3.18 - 19 Bashville Stampede 7 [Nashville, TN] [PART 1]

Bashville was awesome. I always have a blast there, and this past weekend was no exception. In fact, for the MOST part, I think I had an even better time than usual. Although I couldn't get myself thinking about the trip during the week leading up to it, once it hit I realized how much I was ready and needed it.

I'm going to update this recap later... but I wanted to start getting photos up. I'm sick and tired, so yeah.

Shoutouts my Nashville fam for working their butts off to pull this off; to Ivan and Remind for being there, being hype and hillarious, and really chill guys; to BI285 for working hard all night filming the event; to NufSed for the shirt :P; to Mex and his boys for letting me chill with them and have a home base for my camera.

Awesome seeing everyone again, meeting new people. Random thoughts: Palmer, don't forget the TENNISBALL! Jeremy, your shout out was amazing. You earned so many points in my book for that one. X-centric, come to Atl and teach me more waacking and voguing :P; Alpha, B-ryan, Basic: AMAAAAZING MUSIC! Kept me so hype. So many other thoughts... anyway that's a snippet!


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