Friday, January 28, 2011

1.22 Deuces Wild 6 | Duluth, GA [PART 2]

See part 1 photos and jam recap here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1.22 Deuces Wild 6 | Duluth, GA [PART 1]

Deuces Wild 6. Wow. So timing was a bit off so some cuts had to be made, such as going from qualifiers to top 8 versus top 16, etc, but really, that didn't change the tone and mood of the jam for me. For some of you, you know I shot and reviewed Deuces Wild a while back... when it was still in Athens, and was a bit disappointed in some things. All I have to say is that Johnny has really really taken his jams to the next level. He's committed to offering what he can to the growing bboy community in North Metro Atlanta, and has put a lot into doing it right.

I have nothing but good things to say about Deuces Wild 6. Turnout was great: the skatepark was packed, in my opinion. The vibe was good, the music was good (DJs AlphaTrion and Ethical), the judges were diverse (Keebz, QKong, Panic), the battles were HYPE! Thanks everyone for the energy.

Thanks to Mex for coming out and bringing MF Kidz with him from Orlando. They won, so congrats guys, and definitely deserved it.

Anyway, these photos are going to be scattered all out of order: My camera decided to start new folders which means numbering was off, and I edit all over the place, so here's the first batch!

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