Friday, September 25, 2009

9.25.09: Before/After: Tricks for the Bad Photographer


Different type of post here. I've had a lot of people randomly ask me questions about my photos and/or editing, so I decided to do a Before/After post of different random shots I got at different jams to show what I end up doing to the photos.

The other reason, is to prove my point. I'm still learning all this stuff... I have an eye for art, that's it. I'm practicing with photography everytime I pick the camera up, so I don't get great shots often. I just photoshop the poo outta them, 'cause that's what I'm good at. Plus, I've been experimenting with different editings to see what styles I like, etc.

Anyway, feel free to ask Qs if you have 'em.

Hope this answers some already, and at least is interesting/amusing.

Anyway, I think I'll do posts like these once in a while to show some behind the scenes.


NOTE: by the way, they're actually AFTER / BEFORE shots... the first being the edited one. Thanks.

Monday, September 21, 2009

9.19.09: Gotta Have Soul

First things first. Happy birthday, Ken Fresh! He was the one who threw the jam with his crew, ATL FunkLordz. It was held at the Atl Bench and, despite the wet weather, pulled in a good crowd. DJ Ethical was providing the beats, while Quic hosted and kept it hype on the mic.

Can't help but make a shoutout to my boys, Risen from the Ashes, who came full force to rep hard. That night, they also added one to their numbers, battling Fathom in as the newest. Everyone there has to give it up for him and his stamina, as he went two rounds against each member, then was set to battle everyone else in the building along with Ken Fresh (as a birthday beating, I s'pose). This was after he had already been calling out... essentially everyone there.

Not to add more to the RftA-praise, but DoeBoi Fresh of RftA took the win that night against Dark Knight (IllVille, Nashville TN). It was a dope battle to watch, for sure.

On a final note, forgive the limited photo-coverage. I slept... late. Very late... and finally dragged my butt outta bed to show up.


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