Bboy YRBK Project

The YRBK has been a project I've had in my mind for a few years now, but just decided to finally give a go.

Every year, a book is compiled of headshots / action shots organized by region, covering bboys who have been dancing [for now this is the limit] 2 yrs and over. While of course I want to get the heavy hitters and those who have put in the work, this is also just to get an overall capture of the scene.

Granted, this will not be all inclusive... ever, and the start will be slow and small, but hopefully this will provide something people can look back on and remember who was there in the past years, what they looked like, who they repped / where they repped.

The goal is to actually create a published book that people can purchase to have a copy of their own.

The book got a little out of hand when I started shooting my images to perfection. Ok, not perfection, but shooting 'em as nice as I could. This ended up upping the standard and making it much harder to capture the masses, say at a jam, etc. Honestly, I'm still working through this problem hah.


[ATL, GA  |  5.14.11]
Alpha [RftA]
Fathom [RftA]
Patience [TKO]
Boogie Lynx
Dark Knight [IllVille]

[HOUSTON, TX  |  5.27.11]
Mpwo [Jungle Brothers]
Judo [Jungle Brothers]

[ORLANDO, FL  |  6.01.11]
Lito [Soul Rockerz/Soul Movement]
Jean [Soul Rockerz/Soul Movement]

Johnny [Soul Rockerz]
Lexi [Ladies of Soul]
Jolty [Innerspace Flow]
Oath [Dramatik Attack]
Himey [The MF Kidz]
Nate Nocks [The MF Kidz]
Kelvin [Soul Rockerz]

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