Friday, July 17, 2009

7.11.09: Atlanta Street Jam

This is a yearly jam thrown by Danella Dutton and Theshay West at a Buckhead dance studio. Being dancers, but not really part of the Atlanta bboy scene has brought about many questions and concerns when it comes to their events and their qualifications. I must say, though, they really have put in much effort, much promotion, and made adjustments from the year before. There was a definite improvement this time around, and it was good to see that.

AlphaTrion played a huge part in the vibe improvement, as the beats were killer and won much praise throughout the weekend. Chibi killed it on the floor, causing at least Calvin to be tempted to throw a chair. His crew, Remote Control, did a performance also, which apparently was the highlight of the evening. I missed it. My friends were too lazy to get me when it started. Jerks! Oh, and Dark Knight from TN rocks beats like nothing else. He was hitting the grunts in the song!

Anyway, congrats to Chibi for winning the hiphop 1on1 battle, Dark Knight for taking it with the 1on1 bboy battle, and Kontract Killers for murdering all competition in the 3on3.

I only grabbed a handful of shots from the jam, so this includes the weekend surrounding it. Including people reliving over and over QKong's kicked-in-the-face experience.



Dawnette July 17, 2009 at 6:45 PM  

all your pics come out great, tammy!! sorry bout the Remote Control performance..hehe i thought you were watching from another part of the room.
and i love the lighting in these pics. and the guy on his toes..MJ tribute!
the pic of Mpoe is..HE-LAR-I-US!!! poor, Q though..he was a good sport about it.

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