Thursday, June 23, 2011

6.12.11 SirQix 6 [Tampa, FL] --PART 1--

So I had been in contact with Mouse [Future Legendz / Enigma] about making the trip down for SirQix 6 for a minute before the jam actually came into view. I had heard good things about SirQix for a while now, and figured it was time to join in the telling of those stories.

Once it came around, it ended being a road trip taken by myself and two others: Oreo and Will [bi285, check out their youtube page]. Thanks to SwiftNyce, we had a place to stay, which a) makes traveling much cheaper and b) allows for much more people-meeting and fun times to be had. Those pictures will remain on my personal facebook for the people involved to enjoy.

This was a two day event, with the first being a day of workshops and Q&A with the RedBull BC One team and a pre-jam jam, determining who would win free entry into the next day's event. Getting to see and chill with lots of cats I hadn't seen in a long time as well as meet new faces was great.

The jam itself was dope. The turnout was great, as I expected, and the vibe, beats, venue, all was good. One huge highlight everyone was really pumped for was the Red Bull BC One cypher, where a handful of selected participants battled out in brackets to see who would rep for the south east. He would move on to compete nationally for a spot to compete in Red Bull BC One. Congrats to Vicious [MF Kidz, Kissimmee, FL] for taking that win.

Along with the 2-on-2 bboy battle, there was an all styles battle as well, and all the dancers that made it up the brackets in both were dope and great to watch. Cyphers were fun... and everywhere, which was a nice change from some jams where people are just practicing, sitting around, etc.

Thanks Mouse for throwing a great event, and thanks Tampa for the hospitality. Hope to head back down there soon. Till then, I'll see all you crazy kids in Orlando for For Your Soul. :]



H_Com June 23, 2011 at 1:42 PM  

Wow amazing job. I love how Eye of the cypher comes out on every photo. And one photo you have of roxrite talking iHave the same exact one except on my phone so it suxx xD. Greatt Job ( :

H_Com June 23, 2011 at 1:44 PM  

Amazing job on these photos. I love em all. Very creative having Eye of the Cypher in each one as well. Its funny cuzz one of the Photos you have of Roxrite talking iHave the same exact shot except its on a phone so its terrible xD. Good Jobb once again ( :

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