Monday, June 6, 2011

5.28.11 Ritual Warfare: 4th Encounter [Houston, TX]

This was my first trip to Houston, since last time my ATL cats went, I ended up having to skip out. Stayed the weekend with my boy Mpwo and his boys, some of who I already knew, some I met. I had a good time at the jam, but honestly, it was the entire weekend just vibing and randomly dancing that made the trip amazing for me. Oh, and I also managed to get a very small few (but quality!) shots for the Bboy YRBK.
I will definitely be back out in Houston, hopefully soon enough. Just not on Memorial Day, that's mad expensive.

Anyway, Ritual Warfare was thrown by PawFlo (Vicious Germs). It was a 2 v 2, with a 1 v 1 all styles battle. I competed, so photos didn't start till I was done with that.

I know that's a quick recap, but there's just too much to say bout the trip!

On to the photos:


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