Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3.20.10 Soul Cypher 11

AlphaTrion and I decided to make the 6ish-hour trek down to Gainesville, Florida for Soul Cypher. Considering the fact that I'm a state above, I had yet to go to a Florida jam. Alpha had been wanting to go to Soul Cypher for a while now, so the discussion about making the trip came easy between us. Unfortunately, none of our close group of bboys/bgirls could make it, especially since the weekend before was spent in Nashville for Bashville Stampede, and the following weekend was taking us to Circles in Virginia. Yes, the most condensed traveling schedule yet. I love it. And my chores are stacking up. And my apartment is a wreck. Dang.

Basic, B Ryan, Loki, and Robzilla provided the beats and kept the battles hype. We didn't make the first night, so we were there to chill and watch the crew battles. In the end, Main Ingrediantz and Backyard Funk duked it out, with the former taking the win in the end. It was a dope battle to watch, and both sides did really well. In fact, I heard several people's vote went to Backyard Funk.

I really didn't get shots of it, but there was a popping battle and an MC Battle as well. The MC Battle was actually really fun to watch. It blows my mind when people can think so fast and freestyle about random items handed to them on the spot.

Anyway, shoutout to JJ and Katie Mac for their awesome hospitality. They both from the start (talking to them over the net) to the end (hugs and byes outside of JJ's apartment) were insanely nice, welcoming and accommodating. So thanks, guys, for being great. Hit me up when you're in ATL :}

Anyway, on to the photos:


Lareeoki March 25, 2010 at 11:54 AM  

The other two Djs are Loki (me in the middle with the Bofresco Cool Az Hell tee) Shameless plug for DJ Basic's fresh new clothing line... and Robzilla. Glad you could make it out to the jam.

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