Wednesday, August 3, 2011

6.25.11 Yin & Yang [Atlanta, GA]

As some of you know, this summer as has been slam packed with jams for me. That being said, I'm mad behind in getting everything edited and posted, and am multitasking through several events at once. My one thing is this: I don't want to sacrifice quality for speediness, so thank you all for your patience.

After constantly driving down to Florida for jams, it was nice having a hometown event thrown in the mix. Yin & Yang was my boy Oreo [bi285]'s jam: just a few in, as he's a new promoter. Thrown at Rec Atlanta, it was a 2-on-2 with a twist: a pool party. This of course was a big hit with the mass of bboys/spectators. Alpha and Ethical kept the jams happening indoors while Anibal spun outdoors by the pool and the Suno.

Congrats to Mpwo and Mark from Jungle Brothers [Houston, TX] for taking everyone out and leaving with the cash.

On to the snaps:


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