Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7.2.11 For Your Soul 4 [Orlando, FL] --PART 1--

For Your Soul is a jam thrown by Lito [Soul Rockerz, Soul Movement], a bboy madly in love with the culture, growing his scene, and God. This jam is his way of loving on the people he most wants to invest in. DJed by Basic [Little Green Apples], B-Ryan [Main Ingrediantz] and Magic [Unique Styles], the jam held a 5-on-5 Crew Battle and 1-on-1 Bgirl Battle. The turnout was good, the vibes were good, and the battles were hype.

I had come to For Your Soul 3 last year, when hitting the Florida scene was still new to me. The experience had left an impact on me, and that's when I realized I had to make it out to more Florida jams... and now everyone thinks I'm a Florida-based photographer with the many trips I make down!

Lito had talked to me months and months ago about getting on board as his official photographer for For Your Soul, and I was stoked to accept that. Much love for this guy: the first willing to cover my travel costs and take care of me and show me sooo much love for what I'm doing with Eye of the Cypher.

I stayed busy snapping ALL night, and shot from Prelims up, which is rare nowadays, so lots and lots of photos ahead.

Congrats to Shoguns of the Circle [Miami] for taking the crew battles, and Maresco [VA, XOS] for winning the bgirl battles.

For now, the top 16 crew snaps, and be ready for the flood gates to open up.

Thank you, Orlando, for showing so much love! You know you're my second scene :]!

Links to the other parts: [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5]


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