Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2.18 Loose Screws 12 | Atlanta, GA [PART 1]

So... the thing about work and Loose Screws is that they just didn't get along. So that meant getting to the Jam around 9:15 on Friday, and sleeping most of Saturday due to two weeks of intense non-stop (LITERALLY) work and no sleep (which means I got to the jam at.. 10 something that day).

All that to say I didn't get to shoot nearly as much as I would like. Oh, forgot to mention I pulled my camera out Friday and realized that since I had to do shoots for work-related things, I had left all my memory cards at work. Fail. No pics Friday night. Also, not sleeping much for days and the insane work made me feel so off. I could tell. I couldn't shoot right, etc. But I did get some stuff, and I also got a good little start to the Bboy YrBook. So that's cool.

DJed by AlphTrion (Atl), Ethical (Atl), B-Ryan (Fl), Stylez (Atl) and I'm sorry to the last guy or two that I didn't catch.

But anyway, here's the first batch:


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