Thursday, August 5, 2010

7.30.10 For Your Soul 3 (Orlando, FL): PART 1

For Your Soul 3...
PART 1 (of 2)

(part 2 can be found here: For Your Soul 3: Part 2

This is actually my second Florida Jam... ever. My friend Lito threw this one, and all I had heard about previous ones were positive, so I had to try to make it and check it out. Well, all worked out and I ended up in Orlando Friday late night through Sunday afternoon. Aside from picking up a bunch of feet-accessories and such, I also had interesting hotel experiences, water-hating-moments, and a great, great time at the main event.

Lito did an awesome job organizing the whole thing. The DJs (DJ Basic, B-Ryan, and Magic, all from FL) really kept the vibe up the entire night. Both the 5-on-5 crew battles and the bgirl battles were really fun to watch, and the competition was hot. Performances, messages, everything included... the night flowed well, didn't feel too long, and left me feeling motivated all the way around! (Ask anyone who went if you wanna know what I mean!)

Anyway, enough blabbing from me. You guys all just wanna see the photos. Much much love and thanks to all you who are sooo supportive of this pet project of mine, and for bugging me constantly about when I'd have these posted! Also, I couldn't be more grateful to Lito for his hospitality and love upon us coming into his scene, his state, and his jam. Me and my camera are just a humble little duo, but he took care of me and helped me get the shots for you guys, so thanks so much, Lito!!! Can't wait to be back in Orlando for the next round!

Cheers, hope you enjoy the shots.


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