Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5.22.10 Hickory Lake Battle / Outreach

It was a 1 on 1 battle (along with a buncha other little ones) at an apartment complex. Food, music by DJ AlphaTrion, Atlanta's top Bboy DJ, and heat, courtesy of the Sun.

Anyway, I just snapped a few to update this old, rusty blog. More to come soon, though, since I'll be shooting at our open session tonight, which has been moved to Relapse West off Chattahoochee Road (which is off Howell Mill Road, which is Exit 252 off i75), at 7pm-ish till whenever-ish.

Anyway.... onto the shots. Check back soon for the awesomeness.
And then, probably next week, I'm going to do another EotC shoot... which is gonna be INSANELY DOPE. And lastly: In July, I'll be doing a shoot with Napalm. Shweeeeeet!


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