Monday, June 29, 2009

6.28.09: Benchwarmers II

Quic [Atlanta Funk Lordz, Zulu] threw the second Benchwarmers jam at the Atlanta Bench this Sunday, one year exactly from the first one. Despite the late start, multiple battles went down: redbull battle (cypher battle for a case of redbulls), toprock battle (for a redbull and shirt from the Atlanta Bench), and of course, the planned 1-on-1 for $100 (ok, I might be forgetting another unplanned one or two).

Anyway, all in all it was just a fun time for everyone to come, chill, eat hotdogs and burgers, and dance to the beats AlphaTrion was spinning.

Oh, and it was JP's birthday. Every bboy/bgirl who frequents MJQ knows JP. Cheers on another year, man.

Here're the shots:


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