Friday, April 3, 2009

3.07.09: Skill4Sole 3

Skill4Sole was an Atlanta jam with a 2-on-2 Bboy battle thrown by Quic of the Atlanta FunkLordz and the Mighty Zulu Kings as part of their crew anniversary. Zulu Kings came down, with Alien Ness as one of the judges. And lastly, we love our ATL DJs, but it was a treat having Skeme Richards down to keep the party rocking.

WSK won against Decent (Sole Power) and AJ (HBO) in the finals. Congrats to those crazy boys :]

Just a taste of the jam...Enjoy!

AlphaTrion - DJ and Bboy - Risen from the Ashes, ATL

Kane - Risen From the Ashes, ATL

Decent - Sole Power, TX/FL

Judo - WSK, Houston

Karate Kid and Judo - WSK, Houston

AlphaTrion, Calvin (, and Fathom - ATL

Mendez - MadClout, ATL / Karate Kid - WSK, Houston

Father and Son: Watch out Zapper! - HBO, ATL

Calvin -

Serge & Judo - WSK, Houston

Judo - WSK, Houston

DJs AlphaTrion and Skeme Richards

There'll be more that I shot on


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